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Treatment by Movement

Treatment by Movement

through the 'Body Cognition' Method

The 'Body Cognition' method was conceived and developed by Yosepha Michaeli, a physiotherapist and physical education teacher.

For many years, Ms. Michaeli has explored the body through movement-therapy work both in groups and individually, based on in-depth acquaintance with the body in its normal and pathological condition. Following this investigation, she developed an innovative and systematic response to the physical problems which occur in the body, a method born out of a deep knowledge of the body in its healthy and pathological state.

This response is scientific. Integrating comprehension and knowledge of anatomy, physiology and bio-mechanics of the body with principles of movement, while making deductions and offering beneficial modes of intervention.

The objective is educating the body in correct movement patterns. An education targeted at preventing problems of our bio-motoric system. reducing pain and aiding in dealing with degenerative processes and orthopedic damages which occur in the body as a result of its use and significantly harm ones quality of life.


The method is nourished by a constant and ongoing relationship with the  patients and trainees. In light of this relationship the method examines itself, responds and evolves.

Body Cognition Method consists of group exercise classes and individual therapy.

The two support and complement each other.

These sessions are based on the same approach, which always treats the body as a whole.

The method isolates the body's components, while examining the relations between its parts, striving to move it as a controlled  and conscious whole.

The lessons are not random; they are a product of a thought process and experience.

The learnt movement language is easy to understand,springs from comprehending the body, well-polished, clear, conscious and restrained. At the same time, it is soft, flowing, aesthetic and pleasant. It is respectful of  the body, safeguards its health and turns it into a source of enjoyment.


The method proves it is possible to achieve effective body maintenance, which is beneficial and preventative, when based on a deep comprehension of the body, provided one controls the quality of movement and includes the student in the process.

'Body Cognition' is a unique movement language which requires a prolonged study period. It is suitable for people who are ready and willing to think and persevere in order to work on their body and learn to assume responsibility for their body and health – as a way of life.


Josepha Michaeli

Ms. Michaeli is a graduate of the movement Institute of Seminar HaKibbutzim, an institution of higher learning under the aegis of Israel's Kibbutz Movement. Then, as now, its curriculum emphasized integrated physical / intellectual topics such as body awareness development, self-recognition through movement and noncompetitive movement education.
While at the Movement Institute, and for several years afterwards, Josepha Michaeli worked in close Association with Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, as well as studying various other methods.
Graduating with honors, Ms. Michaeli began to work on her own, developing the early methods in which The Body Cognition Method was rooted. After her graduation (with distinction) from the Wingate Physiotherapy School, her original combination of movement education methods with physiotherapy gained broad recognition in the field. she was subsequently invited to teach in the Physiotherapy School of Assaf HaRofeh, a prestigious hospital near Tel-Aviv.
Ms. Michaeli ultimately returned to the Movement Institute of Seminar HaKibbutzim where she established the unique Health Movement Department. During her years in the Department, she continued her private work with movement groups and in physiotherapy, all the while developing and refining the methods which would later become The Body Cognition Method.