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DVD - 3 Movement Lessons

 DVD 3 Videotaped Lessons

The DVD includes 3 twenty-minute lessons constituting one long lesson
or as three sets of a morning or an end of the day session
led by Peled Michaeli


 Watch 10 minutes of a lesson standing up 

About the method: 
The "Body Cognition" method was developed by Yosepha Michaeli, a physiotherapist and movement teacher, ensuing many years of researching the body in motion, in its healthy and pathological state.
Educating the body in correct movement habits is a means to prevent pain and discomfort stemming from wrongful and unconscious physical behavior.
"Body Cognition" offers a way to improve the body function, while providing a foundation for any other physical activity.  

The Foundations: 
* The physical built as well as conventional movement and position habits, create vulnerable areas which cause pain and limitations that worsen in time.
* Movement functions are damaged throughout the years as a result of degenerative processes and are not compatible with a modern life span.
* The modern lifestyle dictates physical behavior which diminishes the potential function of the body.
* A person has few instinctual movements but an evolved thinking, learning and internalization capability.
The Practice:
"Body Cognition" seeks to educate the body in correct movement habits, as a means to prevent physical problems, pain and discomfort.
The method includes group movement lessons and one on one therapy as required which complement each other. The lessons are held in small groups, and are assembled around a central topic which develops throughout the lesson.
Mode of Use:
The movements are carried out through verbal instructions, accompanied by movement and anatomical explanations, aimed at expanding comprehension, consciousness and ability.
The DVD is created for home use and is offered as support for those using the method.

Price: 53 NIS

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