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Part 1: Body management according to Body Cognition

 You may listen to chapters from the book read by Osnat Kaspi, who recorded all 397 pages of the book:
 "Body Cognition: The Method - Movement, Health, Treatment" in Hebrew, in May 2011, for the Central Library for the Blind.

This referral is made possible by the generosity of  The Central Library for the Blind, Visually Impaired & Handycapped



1. What is body management?  

 What is body management?  Page 13

The body's long term welfare  Page 14

Interpersonal differences in style and movement patterns  Page 15

2. The commonly found and the desirable  

The commonly found and the desirable  Page 19

On the commonly found use of the body   Page 19-28

The human adaptability – pros and cons 

Constraints of Western a society, technologies and an urban lifestyle 

The problem with large frameworks 

Awareness in sports:
Assessing injuries and worsening of existing problems; limited body movements; monotonous repetitive movements; physical exaggeration; motivation and emphasis.

On the desirable use of the body:
Considering weakness of structure; a wide and balanced range of movements; moderation, gradation and the avoidance of extremes; a well organized, flowing and synchronized movement; educated use of rest and relaxation.

Between the commonly found and the desirable


3. Learning body management       Page 34

Part 2: Developing Movement and Posture

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Part 3: Lessons and treatments

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Part 4: An in-depth view of the human body

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