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On Symmetry & Asymmetry - the Content

Scoliosis in the Miror of “Body Cognition”
1.      Introduction                                              1      
2.      Symmetry                                                 9
3.      Go out and learn                                   19
4.      What is the source of Scoliosis         29
5.      Slowly, slowly                                        39
6.      Quickly, quickly                                      49
7.      Whose Scoliosis is this?                    56
8.      Summary                                                64
Case  Descriptions                            67
Putting it into Practice
Introduction                                                    89
Six lessons, detailed and analyzed from the viewpoint of the treatment of Scoliosis:
(1)    Dorsi Flexion of hands and feet         94
(2)    Shifting the hands forward through the sides
         with one arm fixed in space               131
(3)    The Spinning Top                                162
(4)    Hands on knees                                  182
(5)    Sequentiality with the emphasis
         on efficiency                                          206
(6)    A lesson that is impossible to conduct after
        a Scoliosis operation                           228
Epilogue                                                    252
from the press about the book

"On Symmetry & Asymmetry"- the Book

Treating Juvenile Scoliosis by the "Body Cognition" Method
 Idiopathic Scoliosis is a pathology that develops in adolescence and expresses itself through a deviation of the body symmetry. It is not usually accompanied by pain in the adolescent years but there is concern that in the future there may be a deterioration in the deviation, which could possibly lead to the formation of deformities accompanied by constant pain.
The treatment afforded by ‘Body Logic’ in order to cope with the problem is unique and all-encompassing. It combines the understanding and knowledge of anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics, with the principles of movement. In addition, it draws the correct conclusions and offers beneficial means of intervention. Both the method and the treatment have been developed and designed by Josepha Michaeli, who is, herself, a physiotherapist and a teacher of physical education. Through her work in movement therapy with both groups and individuals, and by virtue of her deep understanding of the body in its normal and pathological state, she has been able to research the human body over a period of many years.
This book and the treatment offered here, deal with the subject of symmetry, which is the key to dealing with the problem. Scoliosis is a deviation from the median plane – the place that divides a body longitudinally into symmetrical halves – of the spinal column and the entire body; rectifying this situation is made possible only through the renewal of the sense of symmetry and by providing the tools for its restoration to the body, in practice.
Every Scoliosis case begins as an enigma for the therapist who, through consistent and resolute effort, must discover suitable ways to treat the problem. The cardinal aim in treatment is to strengthen the patient’s awareness of his problem, and from that point on, to teach him the methods and furnish him with the tools that will enable him to deal with his problem. In that way the patient becomes an active partner who uses both his mind and his body in the struggle for both improving his condition and avoiding deterioration in the future.
The treatment in the ‘Body Cognition’ system is sympathetic, pleasant and supportive. It combines both passive and active elements of contact and exercises, which in turn nourish each other. It is based on a deep understanding of the body and is suited to those who are ready and wish to persevere by investing thought and energy in order to take responsibility for their body and their health, as a way of life. 


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