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Erect back, Curved back – in Different Body Positions

In each position shown in the video, the back is situated differently in relation to gravity, thus affecting the necessity to make varying efforts.
Whether standing, sitting, lying down – though the movement instruction is the same, the exercise is different.
The straining of the abdomen muscles and the ability to relax the back muscles between flexion and rectification vary.
Watch the video: 

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Changing Positions – How to Transition?

There are many ways a person can get up from the floor and get down to the floor, and it is recommended that each person has more than one way of doing so, for variety's sake, for fun, or for instances in which one cannot do so in the way one is accustomed to – such as when pain occurs in some part of the body or a limb, when its range of motion is limited and putting much weight on it is temporarily limited as well; or when you want to do so but are carrying something in one hand or in both.
Watch the following videos:
1) Sitting down on the floor and getting back up 
2) Getting up from a lying down position by sitting knees to feet and back down again 
3) Getting up from a lying down position by a spiral motion and back to lying on the floor 
4) Getting up