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Teacher Training Course

"Body Cognition" is a unique movement language. Teacher training in "Body Cognition" is accomplished over a two year course; classes are given once a week.
This course is the beginning of a long process, which offers the opportunity for personal growth and development throughout life.
Through this process, you are welcome to connect and experience an in-depth knowledge of your body and yourself, listen to it, learn and teach it, be precise and treat it in a good and pleasurable fashion, enjoy the myriad of possibilities and the beauty of movement. Learn to deepen and improve through perseverance.
While your education progresses, including that of your very body, you acquire tools to guide students in their personal growth and physical movement development. Teaching the method enables one to enjoy a constant dialogue, from being a student, to becoming a teacher and a therapist at a later stage. The more precise you are with yourself, the more you will be able to coach your students to be precise themselves – and vice versa, out of a new insight you gain about your students – keep checking and promoting yourself.
The profession is taught through the integration of:
- A vast theoretical knowledge
 -An in-depth analytical comprehension of the body
- The development of all aspects of the proprioseptive sensory system, while developing the movement system.
The theoretical knowledge is based on Anatomy, Biomechanics and the Physiology of the human body.
Comprehending the body is the ability to decipher, based on the acquired knowledge, the incorrect movement patterns, which harm and damage the quality of life and to provide instead, the tools for optimal movement patterns.
The development of the sensory system, together with the development of the movement system, makes it possible to turn the ideal into reality: implementing a good, precise, soft, flowing and pleasant movement – with optimal cooperation of the limbs.
The lessons are a sort of a laboratory – The more you advance in your education, the physical comprehension and ability gradually increase and later the implementation process begins, enabling to make this unique movement language into a way of life.