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Treatment videos

In the following example you will encounter a 90 year old man, which came a few years ago to the Body Cognition institute due to severe pain in his limbs, difficulty walking and straightening up.
He had been told by doctors that he should undergo spinal surgery for spinal Stenosis - an abnormal narrowing of the Canalis vertebralis in the cervical and the lumbar vertebrae.
Yosepha advised him to start therapy in the Body Cognition method in order to ease his severe pain before undergoing surgery.
According to the Body Cognition method, therapy is administered as needed – once or twice a week.  
A therapy session is 45 minutes, and it is a combination of passive as well as active therapy – depending on the patient's condition.
Between therapy sessions the patient diligently does his "homework".
Thanks to the treatment and the body awareness acquired by the patient over the years, he is able to function despite his complex situation.
So far there has been no need for him to undergo surgery.
The following video shows one of the treatments,
You can see a clear difference in the patient's ability to straighten up before and after the treatment.
Notice the serenity, softness and expertise of the therapeutic touch. 
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